Ahh Towel - 6 Pack


The Ahh Towel® is the first ever instant cooling wet towel. We invented it for people who are feeling hot, sweaty, dirty, or who just need a break. With one simple squeeze, you can have a calm, cool, refreshing Ahh Moment™ anytime, anywhere.


  • Refresh anytime, anywhere - Take it with you. It requires no refrigeration. 
  • Cool off fast - It feels crisp and cool as it conducts heat away from your skin. 
  • Get clean - Wipe away the dirt and dispose of it when you’re done.  
  • Awaken your senses - It feels great and has a fresh mint scent.

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Refresh Anytime, Anywhere

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Convenient and easy to pack
  • Requires no refrigeration

Cool Off Fast

  • The Ahh Towel is the only cooling towel that actually lowers its temperature.
  • A typical Ahh Towel drops over 20 degrees Fahrenheit when activated.
  • No other cooling towel comes close.

Get Clean

  • Wipe away the dirt with the super-soft wet towel exterior
  • Dispose in the trash when you're done
  • Hygienic and safe

Awaken your senses

  • It feels crisp and cool on your skin
  • The exterior liquid layer feels great
  • The light mint scent leaves you feeling invigorated

Keep Cool Wherever You Go

  • The Ahh towel is the only cooling towel that changes temperature without refrigeration
  • It travels everywhere you do
  • Refresh Anytime, Anywhere